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Gangtok Home Stay

Since 2009, Carpe Diem Education groups have been visiting Gangtok and staying with us on a regular basis; one group arrives in spring, and the other in fall. Each team has around eight students and 2 leaders. In their weeklong stay in Gangtok, they go off to volunteer in village schools or at centers where there is scope for them to offer practical help - for instance, the group of 2009 Spring seen below went to assist in the repair of a village micro-hydro project.

Carpe Diem 2009 Spring group: Sikkimese journalist, Jigme N. Kazi gives a talk to the group on the history of Sikkim.

American Dinner by Carpe Diem Students
Carpe Diem 2009 Spring group: enjoying the American dinner that they prepared in the house

American Dinner 2
Carpe Diem 2009 Spring group: Nina had taken charge in preparing the cookies

American Dinner 3
Carpe Diem 2009 Spring group: Ben and Pema removing the sinewy parts from the meat ahead of the preparation of hamburger steaks

American Dinner 4
Carpe Diem 2009 Spring group: Desmond was keen to dispay his contribution towards the dinner - mashed potatoes.

Carpe Diem 2010 Group at Breakfast
Carpe Diem 2010 Spring group: having breakfast.

Carpe Diem Group Farewell
Carpe Diem 2011 Spring group: Sherap and Choden offering khada on bidding farewell to the group.

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